Art can be healing

Find the art piece that touches you the most.

About my art making

I grew up with Dega's ballerinas on my window curtains. Dega's artwork lead me to a childhood of art lessons of charcoal, soft pastels, and oils. Several years later, I received a BFA specializing in painting with subjects of abandonment, lonely, neglected, and broken. I attribute this to my childhood relationship with a traveling for work father, and an abusive adult relationship of my own. My art process is resembling my past relationships by layering with an array of mediums that have been painted/drawn, destroyed, and reassembled with paint, dye, colored pencils or pastels. This process is a metaphor of how one puts their life back together after abuse, and the beauty of the work it takes to do that. An artist I am following lately, Julie Speed, shares a sense of layered storytelling. Julie is a very soft spoken contemporary artist. It has been said by Lyle W. Williams in the book, “Undertoad”,  “The artist wants us to look and to think about meaning, about storytelling”. Watching Julie work in her studio was revolutionary for me. I realized that her process of layering meanings as well as layers of traditional art styles is acceptable. I love it when people reach out to touch my work because it means that they are really inspecting it closely. In some ways they are reaching and understanding me. It wasn’t until recently that I could even understand the meaning of why I was layering, tearing, and reconstructing my art. This has helped me understand the healing properties of art, and my drive for experimentation.

       Mixed media style of batik                        Mono Print - Printmaking

                    Soft Pastel                                                 Oil, with palette knife

I feel like I have a split personality because I use so many different areas and types of art. Choose your favorite style, and let me know what you like about them. Thank you for taking a moment to look at my work. The links were limited on size, so many photos on here do not show the full artwork. 

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